Banner Federal Credit Union


Please let us know which E-Services you would like to participate in by initialing the box(s) below.


   BETI               (Banner Electronic Teller Information)  BETI provides you access to your account information by phone.  Account balances, histories and a record of deposits and withdrawals are available.  You can also transfer money between accounts and authorize MasterCard payments.

   Banner Online  Banner Online provides you access to your account information

                                          through a secured Internet connection at 


                E-Statement       Have your monthly account statement delivered electronically via e-mail.



I accept the terms and conditions for each program that I have requested.


Name: ______________________________________ Account #:___________________


Signature: ___________________________________________Date:________________


Email address: ____________________________________________________________


Please print this form and return the signed original to one of our offices or fax to (602) 256-0089.